About Usato

  1. Usato was born in Tokyo in 1970 and is a graduate of the

  2. Kuwazawa Design School.

Using illustration as his main art,

his work

includes character designs and advertising for some of the most famous Japanese corporate firms including Toyota, JR, SHIPS, e.t.c.

Over the years he has become renowned for his "Usato style Rabbit”

characters which have been featured in various corporate

advertising on Youtube. One of the "Drunken Rabbit"

can be seen here:

Apart from his design talents, Usato also plays the “clarinet”

which he sometimes uses for communication while painting. He is

currently living in Tokyo and teaches Art to students at The ObirinUniversity.

Famous Usato Character Designs:

_1999_TOYOTA Cars, Odaiba Megaweb Museum “Trio de Samba” characterdesign

_2001_ISETAN “bpqc”- “Harapeko-kun” character design

_2002_AMLUX TOYOTA, “Maruku”, “Lux” character designs

_2003_RABBIT (Car Dealer) logo and character design

_2008_Harajuku Station Front ConstructionWall Illustration


_1999_RENOWN LOOK Renown Look Genetic Manipulation

_1999_SAZABY’S Window Design for 11 stores nation wide

_2001_ISETAN “bpqc” Store Display Illustration, T-shirts, badges,

tote bags

_2001_ SEIBU DEPARTMENT STORE, 3-D Creation for Pamphlets

_2005_ FUKUSUKE, fukusuke transit – T-shirts and Cotton Bags


Graphic Designs and others: _1999_TANQUERAY GIN


_1997~2001_TOKION Magazine for SHIPS Advertisement – Direction,

Crafts Creation, Illustrations (Submitted for 22 issues)

_2001~2008_NARA SHIGISAN HOSPITAL – Advertisement, Illustrations,